How old is your fabric?

When we at Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists (NFPS) are asked to price a job for flame treating, we always ask our customer how new and clean the materials are. You may wonder why we do this! Well, there are multiple reasons.

First of all, most fabrics and textiles are manufactured in China and India. The level of inherent flame retardant found in these fabrics are much less than older fabrics that were manufactured in the United States. Surprisingly, we have found that some of the oldest fabrics that we test are more flame resistant than those recently purchased.

Another reason that we ask about the age of the fabric, besides being nosy, is that flame retardant applied when the fabric is manufactured wears off over time. This may be due to usage, normal wear or environmental conditions (especially humidity levels). In addition, if a fabric has been wet cleaned, more than likely, the flame retardant material has been compromised. It is recommended that all fabrics be tested for flame resistance every 5-7 years.

Lastly, and most important, we are looking for the cleanliness of the fabric. Dirt is flammable as are many of the common items that get onto fabrics such as food, some biological material, some insulation and even spider webs. We need to know the condition of the fabric prior to treating to know if we will need to clean the fabric prior to flame treating.

We offer different cleaning services depending on the type of fabric, its water absorption capacity, and how dirty it is. These services range from vacuuming to dry  cleaning to wet cleaning. If the fabric is deeply stained, we may recommend various stain treatments in addition to the wet cleaning. Before any of these cleaning  options can be recommended, though, we have to know as much as possible so the fabric will not be damaged. We have found that dirty fabric does not accept the flame treatment chemicals as well as clean. Streaks and white marks have been found on fabrics that were treated without being properly cleaned.

When we ask about the age and cleanliness of your fabric prior to issuing a quote for price, we are looking to provide you the most effective solution for your flame  treating needs. Use what we’ve learned so you don’t get burned.

Dirt is flammable!  This much dirt is very flammable!!!
Dirt is flammable! This much dirt is very flammable!!!


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