Finding the proper fire retardant fabric for your project can be a daunting task. There are several options; many fabrics come fire retardant, some need to be treated later, and others cannot be treated at all. Call for a consultation- we are here to help you stay fire compliant!

Flame Retardant or FR

Flame retardant fabrics are immersed in flame retardant solution to create a flame retardant material. This flame retardant solution adheres to the outside of the fabric but is water soluble. Washing, dry-cleaning, and painting can remove the the solution and void the fire retardancy. The material can be flame treated again by applying a flame retardant saturant. A yearly field flame test to verify the status is recommended. 

Inherently Flame Resistant or IFR

Although advertised as flame resistant for the duration of the fabric life, IFR products are not guaranteed. IFR products are created with polyester to meet NFPA 701 testing standards without additional treatment. However, factors such as dirt, age, humidity, and use may impact the fabrics ability to remain flame retardant over time. A yearly field flame test to verify the status is recommended.  

Durably Flame Resistant or DFR

DFR products are made with a compound that chemically binds to the material rather than adhere to the surface. This compound is expected to withstand washing, dry-cleaning, and use for a long period of time. However, this result cannot be guaranteed. A yearly field flame test is recommended. 

Non-flame Resistant or NFR

Fabrics with this label are either made with threads that are not fire retardant, have not been treated, or cannot be treated. A consultation is recommended to go over the options to get this material up to code. 

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