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One of the misconceptions about Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists is that we only flame treat theatre drapes. However, while we are known for our exception work with drapery, we carry numerous flame retardant products to treat several different materials.


The flame retardant products that we apply to drapes, can be applied to other absorbent materials and finished goods. For example, NFPS has been called to treat rolled fabric in addition to wall decorations, swags, runners, pillows and even furniture.  This ability to flame treat different materials has benefited our clients in the restaurant, night club, hookah lounge, dance club and adult entertainment industries.  Not only are they protecting their clientele but meeting the local fire authority requirements and avoiding penalties and fines.  In addition, they are avoiding lost revenue due to closures or downtime.

Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists are often asked to treat wood that is being used in convention displays, stage sets, props for shows and decorations displayed in public areas. Depending on the wood and its use, we can treat it by submersion, by brush or by spraying.

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Palm Frond decorations

Sometimes we need to submerge materials in the flame retardant to absorb and or coat it.  Recently, we were asked to treat several bundles of bamboo and decorations made from palm fronds.  Since palm has a heavy concentration of oil, if we just sprayed the material, it would simply bead off of the fronds.  Submerging this material for 12 to 24 hours allowed the saturant to penetrate the bamboo and palm fronds to form a protective coating.  Once the materials were treated with flame retardant and allowed to dry for an additional 24 hours, they did not burn when retested.

There are occasions when saturant needs to be brushed onto a surface as was the case with a one hundred year old wood and iron wagon.   Since the iron was intermingled with the wood, the flame retardant was applied with a brush around the wagon wheels.  It was important to avoid the iron on the wagon since the flame retardant product contains water and could promote rust.  Even though the wood on the wagon was dry and brittle, once the flame retardant was applied, it did not burn when we retested it.

For most of our applications, Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists use our custom-built spray system to apply flame retardant.  The spray system can be adjusted to apply a little amount of flame retardant all the way to a soaking amount.  It was this method that we employed last year to treat trees used in decorating hotels, Christmas trees and the Febreze dog at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

If the flame retardant saturant will not penetrate the material being treated, we carry a number of varnishes and paints that will coat the material in a protective barrier.  If different colors are needed, dyes can be added to the paints.  These products enable us to provide flame retardant to those in the interior design, theatrical design and construction industries.

At Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists, our number one goal is the protection of our clients’ properties.  Whether we are spraying, dipping, submerging or brushing on the products, we use our knowledge and expertise to figure out the best way to protect you.

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