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Welcome to Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists


We are a Certified Fire Retardant Application Concern.  This means that we, as Certified Applicators, have gone through training and have obtained certificates in California, one of the three most prominent fire authorities.  This also means that when you receive a certificate from Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists, it will be recognized by fire authorities throughout the United States.

The new owner, Jay Boslaugh, has worked with NFPS since 2014, in addition to the mentioned certificates, he has worked in life safety for the majority of his life.  For several years he worked as a volunteer Fire Fighter and Police Officer. At NFPS, he gets to use all of his years of knowledge and training to provide our clients with quality and trustworthy service.

Founded in 2012, Nevada Flame Prevention Specialists is a leading nationwide provider of quality fire retardant products, flame testing and certifications, treatment and application, consulting, and training.  We protect businesses, employees, and patrons from fire, verify compliance of goods, and help prevent potential property damage.  With over 40 years in the fire protection industry, our comprehensive safety solutions include testing fabrics, verifying certifications, and applying fire retardant treatments, which is overseen by California certified applicators. Our trained team delivers unparalleled customer service.  We are proud to be a Certified Nevada Emerging Small Business.

Nevada Flame Specialists is a locally-owned and operated company licensed in Nevada, Clark County and the City of Mesquite.  Our shop is located at the Las Vegas Speedway, approximately 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.  From this location, we can serve the Las Vegas Valley with on-site testing, treatments, and repairs.  Our shop can accommodate testing and treating of various items.

We are recognized by the Clark County Nevada Fire Department, Las Vegas Fire Department & Rescue, North Las Vegas Fire Department, Sparks/Reno Fire Department, Henderson Fire Department and Tucson, AZ Fire Department.

The website highlights the services that we provide and the products that we sell.  We hope that you will review it and contact us with any questions or to assist you with your flame retardant needs.

JAYB@NEVADAFLAME.COM        CELL (702) 882-5480        OFFICE (702) 882-4321